“Fiber Drum”is...
essential to the chemical and
medical supplies for transportation and keeping quality.

“Fiber Drum” is necessary for domestic and international transportation, keeping quality and storage of chemical, medical and food supplies, cosmetics raw materials, and other intermediates with its feature of strength and lightness, easiness to use and antirust.


The “A-Drum” combines the strength of conventional fiber drums with the convenience of simple-type, all-fiber drums. The main body, made of only paper, can be easily recycled after being separated from the cover.

The “A-Drum” has more advantages

  • Easy to open or close
  • Easy to handle
  • Interlocking for safe and easy stacking
  • Straight inner surface
  • Less paper dust - reducing the risk of contaminating the filling with paper dust
  • The reinforced bottom provides the drum with sufficient endurance when it is rolled on the bottom edge.
  • Seals made from plastic or metal can be used.

Fiber Drum “S-type”

The “S-type” is the best-seller standard fiber drum and has been manufactured for about 50 years.
It has long been used for the strength, light weight and economical price.

The “S-type” has more advantages

  • Many sizes, liters (10-250 liters) and specifications are available.
  • Easy to open or close.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Interlocking for safe and easy stacking (iron cover only).
  • Seals made from plastic or metal can be used.
  • Printing on the body is possible.
  • Registering UN mark is possible for your demand.
  • Less paper dust - reducing the risk of contaminating the filling with paper dust.

All-Fiber Drum

This is the type with the most reasonable price among fiber drums.
This type is light weight and easy to handle, for all parts are made of paper.
You can choose many types of all-fiber drums, such as high-strength types, easily piled types, and easily tape pasting types and so on.

Fiber Drum
with inner and outer side are

This type has been actually used in a clean room.
It is easy to handle and light weight - weighs only 1/3 of stainless drum.
No worry about contamination of paper powder as there is no exposure of craft paper.
It is adequate to contain objects with high absorbency.
You can buy this product in a price that is 1/10 of that of stainless drum.

A-Drum mini

You can buy the fiber drum with capacity of 0.5 liter only from us.
You can ship a small quantity of samples. Also you can use it for storage of samples for quality assurance.
It is used mainly in research departments of medical supplies and cosmetics industry.

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